Showmen's Finance

AC finance is the first mediator of business with such a strong influence to change the culture of how finance is delivered; in the way Showmen need it. Eventually banks are speaking a language Showmen understand. With us also being ride agents, valuers, operators and Showmen with a knowledge of most families in the business; the risks for us are lowered.

Learn how we can help you in ways others cannot. We’re business mediators, ride agents, valuers, operators, as well as venture capitalists.
Because we’re the most involved finance company across all segments within show business, and understand it better than any one of our competitors, the risks for us are lowered, which means you get lower interest rates!
We also offer the biggest deals in the market and can formulate strategic business models to make deals happen that others cannot.
Have a dream but told it’s impossible? We can get around most things using modern strategies.

You can talk to us and allow us to develop you a strategic business model that enables deals, that otherwise could not happen. We can advise on the most efficient approach using new financial modelling concepts.
With a Showman influence, we recognise positive factors that others do not, because they simply can not.
Need a partner for your project or business? Talk to us.


What Can We offer you?

Small and major attractions
Giant ferris wheels
Roller coasters
Vehicles & cranes
Music & lighting
Video walls
Living trailers
Cafes & bars
Showmen’s yards!

100% Finance
Balloon & seasonal payments
Bridging loans
Interest only off season
Financial advice
Competitive Rates
Consolidate your debts
ALL Circumstances Considered